My Yes Day

Last week, Lil O and I enjoyed her Yes Day.  Alas, yesterday was my Yes Day and I savored every moment of it.

Here's a recap.....

After a walk with Jedi in the early morning, I did some work on Upcycled Education's cycling team with my sidekick, a big mug of Earl Grey tea in this sweet mug Lil O painted for me.  Does anyone else love Earl Grey with a hint of honey and cream?  Ahhh, delightful.

Our big outing for my Yes Day: a mom-daughter-puppy mountain bike ride.  Lil O is sometimes not 100% jazzed about mountain biking especially long distances.  Actually, up until I took a two-day mountain bike clinic with the Yeti Betis this summer, I wasn't thrilled myself.  But, on a Yes Day there is no complaining or saying "no" thus, off we went to bike.  I chose a trail with a distance and terrain that was very doable for kids and sweet puppies.

And just look at this scenery?  Come on.  Mother Nature is out-doing herself.

Jedi sometimes would follow us or sometimes lead.  He was very tired after our two-hour ride.  Let's just say the rest of the day, Jedi napped.  Maybe that's his idea of a great Yes Day.

Mr. UpCyclist always comes home nice and dirty from a ride.  Now, it was our turn.  Did I mention he was out-of-town for my Yes Day?  He missed all the fun.  By the way, you know I am thumb challenged.  Look at my hand below.  Is that a hand or a drumstick from a chicken?  I may never be a hand model.

There aren't many chains stores or restaurants in Breckenridge, but there is a 7-11 right outside of town.  Lil O loves their slurpees and boy, did she earn one.  I really can't do a slurpee.  Three sips and I'm done.  This adorable straw we paid an extra 99 cents for, however, might change my mind.

After a quick stop at home to feed Jedi and grab lunch, we headed over to the Sunday Market.  Would you believe this was our first time this year at the market?  We've been here for almost seven weeks.  Oh, and PS - I've decided I don't need to go back to the Sunday Market with Jedi.  I proceeded to spend most of my time at the market yanking him away from all the fun foods they sell there.  Not Yes Day or dog-friendly at all.

On the walk home, as we walk everywhere in Breckenridge, it poured.  I am talking full, intense down pour.  Apparently, Mother Nature is making up for her early summer drought that helped fuel all those Colorado wildfires.  It proceeded to rain for the rest of my Yes Day.  No problem, I've got plans.

Plan #1:  Let's read (or nap, in Jedi's case).  Lil O is finishing a Junie B. Jones book.  Me?  I'm catching up with the rest of the literate world and reading the Hunger Games trilogy. Lovin' it.

Plan #2:  After an afternoon of reading and checking in on the Olympics, Lil O and I head out for a dinner date at the Briar Rose, a local steakhouse.  Lil O can't believe you need a reservation most nights to dine there.  And as she exclaimed, "They make the best Shirley Temples!"  I swear every older person in the place gave me that all-knowing-sweet-smile-look when they saw us dining together sans anyone else.  Lil O made a great date.  I wish I could have taped our conversation.

The food at the Briar Rose is sooooo tasty both for adults and kids.  I felt a little silly snapping a photo of our meal, but that's the sacrifice I make for this sweet blog.  Ha!

Plan #3:  This is a little known public fact about me.  I adore anything John Denver.  Yep, you heard me.  John Denver.  I. love. his. music.  And, I'm proud.  If I could only have a handful of CDs in my collection, JD's greatest hits would be one of them.  When I lived in Aspen after college, I used to wait on John Denver at the restaurant where I worked.  He was always so cheerful in his one-piece, white ski suit.  I was totally bummed - picture crying - when he passed away in a plane crash in 1997.

To culminate my Yes Day, Lil O and I went to a John Denver tribute concert in town and had front row seats by luck.  The concert was a benefit for this amazing organization, Domus Pacis (House of Peace) which provides free vacation housing in Breckenridge (and surrounding areas) to families who have a loved one battling cancer.

If you like John Denver, you would have been proud of the John Adams Band.  They played two long sets and kept JD's music authentic and alive.  It felt like a huge sing-along to an almost sold-out crowd.  The band recently played at Red Rocks with a full orchestra.  I need to see that.  Red Rocks, full orchestra, John Denver.  Sounds like heaven to me.  We had to quickly leave at the end of the concert as Lil O was sooooo sleepy at 10pm.

Remember what Lil O looked like the day after her Yes Day.  Well, things look pretty much the same after my Yes Day with the exception of some new hair bling, which you can't really see in the right-hand photo.  PS - Will you remind me to delete these photos before Lil O is a teenager?  I don't think she will appreciate all these sleeping shots on the World Wide Web.

And what do I look like after my Yes Day?  Happy, refueled and thankful.  Oh, and bundled up.  It was 45 degrees on my morning walk with Jedi this morning.

When's your Yes Day?



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