Upcycled Education specializes in fostering intrinsic motivation and positive development in children. We believe in creating supportive learning environments that empower educators and parents to enhance children’s academic success and overall well-being.

Who we are

Upcycled Education provides tailored education consulting services to educators and parents seeking practical insights into fostering intrinsic motivation and positive development in children. Our approach integrates evidence-based practices with personalized strategies to support educational growth.

Our team collaborates closely with schools, teachers, and families to implement effective educational solutions that promote holistic child development.

How we help

Clients engage us to:

  • Develop customized curriculum to enhance learning experiences.
  • Provide training for teachers to implement effective teaching strategies.
  • Assess student progress and offer targeted interventions.
  • Support positive behavior through programs like Conscious Discipline.
  • Enhance early literacy skills with programs such as Brain Smart Starts and Safe Places.
  • Implement specialized reading programs for diverse learners, IEPs, and dyslexia.

Success stories

We have helped educators and parents achieve:

  • Improved student engagement and academic performance.
  • Enhanced teacher confidence and effectiveness in the classroom.
  • Positive changes in student behavior and social-emotional skills.

Specialties: Curriculum Development, Teacher Training, Student Assessment, Positive Behavior Support, Early Literacy Support, Specialized Reading Programs