How I Blog

I thought I would start a new series, How I Blog, to share some of the things I've learned about blogging over the past two years.  Yes, it has been two years since the birth of Upcycled Education.  Our toddler is growing.

Since my personal calendar dictates my life, I thought I'd start with the topic of when I post.

There used to be a predictable formula to my weekly posts.  Tuesdays were Tech Tuesdays.  Wednesdays were bonus Wednesdays.  Thursdays were Theories on Thursdays and the weekend - usually Saturday - was reserved for a Craftucation Nation post.  However, I started to feel guilty and a bit stressed if I didn't live up to that schedule.

Susan from Crafterhours - who is not only a blog mentor of mine, but a girlfriend - advised me to ditch my formula and blog when I felt like it.  Ahhh...that made all the difference in the world.

Now, I blog when I want to - though, I still like the alliteration of Tech Tuesdays.

I generally use a paper calendar - like the one above from Paper Source (thanks, Mom!) - to keep track of current and future blog posts.  Most blog posts I write days or weeks in advance.  There are only a few posts I write that day or that morning.  Since I use the Blogger platform to blog, I simply write a blog post and choose a date and time to release it.  Right now, I am all blogged up for two weeks!  Though, you never know....I might throw in an extra post or switch days/times around if something feels more urgent.

I know some bloggers who write a blog post and release it immediately.  Not me.  I like to write my posts, revisit them, schedule their release times, reread the posts one or two more times and then, the blog posts go live on their scheduled days & times.  I am glad I reread my posts several times.  I always find errors in them - mainly in spelling.  Ugh.  I need an editor.

And if you are wondering what time I like to release the posts...4am.  Yep, I like to give our early-bird Upcyclists something to read over their tea or coffee in the morning.

What about you?  Do you blog?  What is your post schedule like or lack thereof?