New App - A Passion Project

Without further ado, I'd like to welcome you to my newest passion project, Life Tune-up!

21 Day Life Tune Up Challenge graphic Obii

Here's my problem.  I always want to care for myself, but I don't always make the time to do so.  That means, everything gets done for everyone else and everything else and then, I'm too exhausted to focus on me.   I'm like a car needing a tune-up, but I keep putting it off and the mileage just keeps accumulating.

Solution:  I need a Life Tune-Up.  So, I created one.  And since I already don't have enough time, I made sure this tune-up is super time friendly.

Why is this important?  Because, "You can't pour from an empty cup."   You.  Me.  All of us.  It's time to thoughtfully fill-up our cups and then, go conquer the world (get stuff done, be fantastic parents, family members, colleagues...).  Follow our dreams.  Self-care.  And not feel depleted.

Details I've created a 21-day experience (called a "challenge") through the Obii app where you and I (plus, whomever wants to join us) will take 21-days to tune up our lives in a meaningful, coachy, and time-effective way.  Each day during the three week challenge, your phone/tablet will deliver new content right to you via the Obii app.  Your job each day is to watch the 1-5 minute video I made for you (and yes, it's me in the video - the gift of gab).   Take whatever you learn from that day's video and reflect on it in a downloadable journal I created.  There's a chance each day to share your biggest takeaways in our community - all via the Obii app. The app is pretty to look at, easy to use and fun.

Dates:  The dates for the upcoming challenge are May 4th-25th.

UPDATE: The Life Tune-up will begin June 8th.  Use the info below to register....

Code:  earlybirdsummer
Link to register

Want to join me?  Check in with yourself and see if you need (or maybe just want) a Life Tune-up.  I would love to virtually hang out with you while we self-care together.  Here is the link to register  Use this code for a discounted rate:  earlybirdsummer

And in case there is some little voice inside of you telling you differently, you are worth this - the time, the money, the self-care, the abundance, the everything!

Yep, you are -


PS - Life Tune-Up will take 5-10 minutes a day for three weeks in a row.  That's it!  And, it might be shorter some days and on one day longer as I have an interesting activity planned for us that is about 15 minutes that one day.