Now, We Are Really Upcycling

Old bed Spring

If you follow Upcycled Education on Instagram, you know about this special present Mr. UpCyclist brought back for me from a jeep trail.  Yes, a trail!  He, Lil O and Jedi were hiking along in Colorado and all of a sudden an old bed spring appeared.  Now, I have something to confess.  I have a thing for old bed springs.  I like their lines and their antique-ness.  I could have worse fetishes, right?

Bed springs and paint swatches

After some serious brainstorming (say, for 15 minutes), Mr. UpCyclist suggested we incorporate paint swatches within the springs.  What?  Did I hear you correctly?  My FAVORITE free item in the world. Pinch me!  

....Then, I feel even more deeply in love with him.

As always, I have a collection of paint swatches on me (or at least nearby).  We played around with a few versions of how to incorporate the swatches.  Mr. U then ran off to our local hardware store to buy the hardware to hang this lovely sweetness.  Ahhh......

Close up  Bed springs and paint swatches

As you can see, the swatches are just nestled into the back spring.  Mr. U trimmed them to fit (they are more square now compared to their original rectangle shape).  The colors are vibrant and fun.

Did I mention this bedspring is gigantic?  Which is a great thing as the wall where it hangs is so tall.  See what I mean?

bed spring, paint swatches in the loft

And because it hangs right in the loft by a king-sized bed, I thought this detail would be fun.  I used my alphabet stamps and Staz-on ink (the best ink for stamping paint swatches, in my opinion.).

I love little details like this.

Sleep Tight detail with bed springs

I know I've mentioned this before, but you can rent our condo in Colorado when we are not there.  If you do, you'll see these upcycled bedsprings in all their colorful glory.