Nurturing Emotional Intelligence

UPDATE:  Want more?  Check out this blog post, too.  This feelings wheel rules!

As Lil O gets older, I need to step up my "game" in helping her build resiliency and emotional intelligence.  If you can't remember what that's all about, you can start here with the Marshmallow post.

Or, you if haven't used HALTED, consider using it.  It is a personal favorite of mine.  I think all humans (age 8 and older) should understand how to HALT themselves.  I HALT myself all the time.

In efforts to step up my game, I plan to embrace the easy suggestions in this article from Vanderbilt University.  My next two tasks with Lil O will be: 1) to teach her HALTED (I think she is old enough to understand the acronym and its use) and 2) To start working on her understanding of feeling words like the list above (from the same article).

Feeling brave and excited (Hey, look!  I used two new feelings words),


UPDATE:  New post here...because really?  Can you have enough Emotional Intelligence posts?  I think not.