The Wheel

Happy Wednesday!  Are you on Spring Break still?  Right now, those of you not on Spring Break - like me - are envious.

No, make that jealous.

Yep, I feel jealous.  I deserve another Spring Break.  (Yes, I already had one).

To keep my posts less-text and more visual this week, I have a download for you.  Why not get your students reflecting on what they've learned in class?  Remember these deluxe reflective tools I shared with you?  How about these paper Twitter debriefs

You would make John Dewey and Jean Piaget proud if you nestled reflection in your lessons.  Apparently, Confucius, too:  "Study without reflection is a waste of time, reflection without study is dangerous."

Click on the above image and download this favorite reflective tool ready-to-go.  When you get back from Spring Break, all you will have to do is make copies.

Sorry trees,



  1. This is such a great elaboration tool, connecting something the learner already knew to a new concept. Revisiting the information with this tool at the end of class or the beginning of the next one will also help to instill the newly learned info to their semantic memory.

  2. Super cool activity. It is engaging and a nice change from the everyday classroom review methods. I definitely want to use this in one of my future classrooms :)
    -H. Anderson

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