Summer Book Recs

Jen's Favorite Books Round-up

I don't buy a lot of books because I am a lover of our awesome public library system in my county, but these four books I do own and I highly recommend 'em.

Unthink - This is a simple read and like the title suggests, it is a great kick-starter for thinking more creatively and freely.

Orbiting the Giant Hairball - I cannot believe how often I recommend this book in my coaching practice.  It seems most people including me could lean into this metaphor a bit more.  What hairballs are you orbiting?

Big Magic - I love this newest release from Elizabeth Gilbert.  Not only did I dig the messaging and theme, but her writing has evolved into something I really admire.  I didn't see it sold at Costco recently, but that's where I bought mine at a discount.

Drive - Daniel Pink, my favorite author; Need I say more?  Please read this 2011 release if you are a parent, educator, or business owner.  You need to know what three things motivates all humans.

Now, what do you recommend I read this summer?  Leave a comment below or email me.



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