Living Like a Local

Train playground in Breckenridge

When we travel or spend the summers in Breckenridge, we try to embrace the mantra, live like a local. For us that means, taking advantage of local spots, events, festivals, and amenities.  A few that come to mind this summer include....

  • Hearing the local orchestra play (and bringing our badminton set to play on the lawn while we listen).
  • Attending the ribbon cutting for a new train playground (photo above). Breck has a rich history of trains and mining.  We may have also enjoyed cake, cookies and lemonade while we were there ;)
  • Working or volunteering at our favorite shops like the Fresh Soap Company or Breck Bike Guides.  
  • Checking out books from the local library and participating in library happenings.
  • Going to local festivals or events.  Recently, Lil O and I went to our first hip hop competition in the mountains.  An all girls crew won called the Janes; those girls were so impressive.
  • Enjoying local fundraisers.  We have two coming up - one for Francie's Cabin (which makes me think of my mom, Fran) and the other for Domus Pacis, which provides free vacation housing to families who are battling a terminal health issue.
The secret to living like a local, in my opinion, is three things:

1.  Stay one place long enough to feel like a local.  I think a week or more can do the trick.
2.  Tap into the community by reading the local newspaper daily or talking to locals about what they enjoy.  In Breckenridge, I literally read the local newspaper daily and find most of my gems in there.
3.  Be open to the "local lifestyle," which typically means being unrushed.  That part is great for me this summer since I am working on living in the present moment.

What are your thoughts?  Do you like to live like a local sometimes?  If so, what are your tips to do so?

All the best,


Drum Roll Please for Today's Yes Day

Yesterday, we went on an awesome hike as evidenced by the photo above.  Lil O, by the way, is studying the stem of a wildflower while she walks.

(drum roll, please)

Today is Lil O's Yes Day.

You remember Yes Days, right?  The day where I have to say Yes to everything Lil O desires.

EVERYTHING (luckily, she's such a cool kid and doesn't seem to go too, too overboard with her demands).

Her first Yes Day was documented here.  Last year, we did it up with a Yes Day here.  Lest not forget my first and only Yes Day here.  If you are wondering about my Yes Day last summer, I decided I didn't need a Yes Day because the entire summer felt like a Yes Day to me.

Think good thoughts for us today.  Heck, think good thoughts for me!

Here's to Yes!



PS - In case you are concerned about our other child, we are planning a Yes Day for Jedi, too!


Way of Life

Early morning hike with Jedi in Breckenridge

Every morning around 6-6:30am, I take Jedi on a morning hike, swim and stroll.  This morning, we met a guy from Pennsylvania who is in Breckenridge on business.  The guy was so happy to be out in the morning hiking.  He said he didn't pack hiking shoes because he didn't think he'd have time to hike, but when he realized he would, he went out the night before to purchase new shoes in town.

What I loved about our early morning exchange, besides his enthusiasm for the mountains, was he totally got it.  Being outside.  Enjoying the trails.  Getting lost in the beauty of the mountains.  That is the way of life around here.  There is no "exercise."  Hiking, walking, biking, and moving are just a way of life in towns like Breck.  Those activities are just that - activities.  Not exercise.  Not separate from life.

They are life.

So, if you are wondering where I am.  Why my blog posts are so sporadic or you can't find me easily. It is because I am living life.  And I'm incredibly grateful for it.



Stealthy Around Here

Car Testing in Colorado

Every summer in Colorado we see cars like the one above.  Cars completely covered and disguised.  I had zero idea about why until I mentioned it to Mr. UpCyclist.  I swear, that guy knows just about everything there is to know about cars.

And apparently car testing.

Since our place is nestled in the Rocky Mountains at 9,000+, car manufacturers will test new cars (actually, future models of cars) in our area.  In doing so, the car companies can analyze how their cars handle high altitudes, cold temps, mountain roads, etc.  Every insignia on the cars is hidden.  In fact, we recently saw a test driver get out of a test car and he even covered the dashboard, so no one would see the make/model/design.

Stealthy, no?  

Mr. UpCyclist also told me the drivers are sometimes called car mules.  I wonder what that job is like driving around all day in a secretive, fabric wrapped car in such gorgeous places.  Actually, if the car was mod podged with fabric, I might be totally into it.

Happy Weekend, lovely blog reader - see you on the other side,



Still Here

Hiking in Breckenridge; Black Powder Pass

Is it just me or are those clouds above totally fake looking?  They aren't.  But, really, Mother Nature. You are such a lovely show-off.

I'm actually blogging in real-time right now.  Jedi is passed out on the couch after our two-hour hike this morning under the fake clouds above.  I love this hiking area so much I want to go back tomorrow.  Lil O is watching the Disney Channel - Austin and Ally to be exact.  Just keeping it real.

In my effort to just be, blogging has taken a backseat.  It's hard to just be when I am writing a blog post for the future, which is why I am typing this and will hit "publish" immediately.   Past that, I have life things to do - food shop, laundry and visit the tiny library here.  I am hooked on libraries.  I believe they are one of the greatest inventions of humankind.

Dr. Irwin - a contributor to Upcycled Education and a dear, dear friend - is coming to our place in Colorado for the weekend to visit.  I have so much I want to talk about with her I am considering drafting an agenda.  Can you believe that?  I want to draft a weekend agenda.  Luckily, she's the one friend who would totally dig that - all my talking points outlined.

Jedi is now making his way to his new favorite spot, the bathroom.  I think he likes small, dark spaces to rest. Lil O is rifling through the fridge looking for lunch.

Cue motherhood.




Being Present in Colorado

I just love Breckenridge, CO.   No, duh, right?  It's the town, the people, the energy, the pace, the fresh air, and there just feels like there is so much to do or not do.  I also love just looking at the mountains and leaning into them.

One of my goals this summer is just to be.  Do you know how hard it is to just be sometimes? Without thinking of what's next or what just happened?

Being present in the exact moment of time is tricky.  However, I do believe that is what is so magical about being outdoors and being lost in the mountains (or the sea or the jungle or wherever you are outdoors). Being outside is probably the best and easiest place to just be.

When I am just in the present moment (the opposite of worrying or planning), I admire all the amazingness that life and Breckenridge offers.  Things like bouldering, hiking above tree line, admiring the cutest foxes I've ever seen, seeing Molly and Mr. UpCyclist ski/snowboard in early July..... (Didn't I tell you Molly was rad?)

Going sledding with Lil O and Cousin A (in July)....

Watching the gals ride our DIY long board (a snowboard mounted with wheels) and celebrate our newest family addition, the Diggler (which you can see in the background; Lil O is riding it).  The Diggler deserves its own post.  You know how long I've been wanting one.

See you on the other side of the weekend.  It's time to get back to being present.




Jedi Meets a Relative

Our second day in Breckenridge, a woman stopped us and said, "Your dog looks just like my dog." Being so curious, we asked if we could meet her dog.

What do you think?  Are these two long lost relatives or what?  (forgive the grainy photo)

Here's Marble giving Jedi a hug.

I can't get over the similarities.

Altitude headache:  If you saw my post on Instagram, you know I had a brutal altitude headache.  I usually feel icky for about 3-4 days when we arrive in Breck because it is soooo high here - 9,600 ft.!  The ickiness usually includes a mild headache, lethargy, and constant thirst.  This time, I felt all those things, but the headache - oh, the headache - was awful.  It just wouldn't subside.  Knock on wood, I am over the hump.  I woke this morning without a headache, only mild thirst and just a touch of lethargy.  You wouldn't know it from all the things I've been doing to distract myself - light hiking, going to the dog park, working at the Fresh Soap Company, swimming, and walking around town.  BUT, my family will tell you I'm a grouch-a-saurus. I love to read and just last night, I could finally pick up a book and see straight.  Whew.  Fingers crossed the altitude headache & sickness ends today; It is Day 4 after all.

Plus, Cousin A arrives!