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Coaches at AACC

Y'all, I'm doing some market research as I am possibly teaming up with a neat app company to run a "dream into action" experience (for folks who want to move a dream forward from their dream queue). Help me by answering this quick survey and sharing this blog post with your friends, family, other curious souls, and colleagues. I aiming for lots of ideas, feedback and market research - don't I sound like a fancy, business person?
Here is the link in spelled-out version if you want to kick it old-school:
And, you see these people above? These are coaches at AACC (my college) and beyond. They make my heart melt and my soul dance.
Thanks for the help with the quick survey!
Information is bliss,

Oh, the Hurdles of Fall

fall hurdles drawing

Hello blog readers - Happy fall! Even though I totally planned for fall this year.  I recorded a pep talk velfie (video selfie).  And, I know fall is historically my hardest season of the entire year, the hurdles of fall still found me!  After a coaching season with one of my college's new coaches*, I created this graphic to show fall's hurdles in a new, fresh, more delightful way.

Yes, fall brings professional and personal hurdles for me AND it also brings joy, optimism, and growth.

So, on my self-designed hurdle now includes....

Grass = growth
Music = joy
You got this = optimism
Pretty decorations on my hurdle = because why not?

If life is going to force me to jump hurdles this fall (or try to go around them - which by the way, hardly works for me), then why not make those hurdles lovely and cheerful?

What hurdles are you facing right now?  What's supporting you as you face them?


* Y'all, coaching at my college is growing!  See what we are up to here.  We now have over 120 coaches on campus and are training K-12 educators and community members, too. 

100 Day Project Update

Hello!  I'm 1/5 of the way into my 100 Day Project and I wanted to update you.  You might remember from this post I have two 100 Day Projects going on this year:  an abs workout each day + writing each day.

As you can see from my photo below, my abs workout is going strong.  My writing each day has some holes (as denoted by the orange circles).  I completely missed those days.

With most things in life, I like to ask myself, what am I learning and what am I noticing?  It's one of my favorite questions on the planet.  Here's what I'm learning and noticing related to my two 100 Day Projects....

  • My abs are getting more defined. Evidently when you do just one song a day for 20 days, your abdominal muscles respond in a good way.
  • 50% of the time after doing one song for my ab workout, I do more songs for the rest of my body.  Not every time, but about half of the time, which is cool.  Momentum is a good thing.
  • Writing-wise, I am 70-30 on my enjoyment level for writing each day.  70% I am not enjoying making myself write; 30% of the time, I do enjoy writing (like I am enjoying writing this blog post right now).
  • The same momentum that keeps me moving forward with my abs is also what keeps me from moving forward with my writing.  Hence, those five days I missed.  I didn't miss writing at all those five days.
  • Ultimately, my biggest takeaway is progress not perfection.  I could easily ditch my 100 Day Projects (either just the writing one or both) because they are not perfect AND that would suck.  I don't have to abandon them just because I missed five days of writing.  I can acknowledge those days were missed, reflect on what I'm learning and noticing, and keep moving forward.  I don't have to run from imperfection. I can embrace it and learn from it.
And so I am.  

What about you?  How are your 100 Day Projects?



Courageous or Crazy

I just saw this on Facebook this morning and it hit me automatically.  When something hits me like that and has such resonance, I know there's a nugget of truth and/or wisdom there for me.

Courageous or Crazy quote

And, if you haven't checked out Sherene's website and offerings, go!  She has such calming energy, talents, and wisdom.

What's in this quote for you? I'm curious.


Graduation Subway Art 2019

Thanks to a Facebook message from a reader, without further ado...drum roll, please...our Graduation Subway Art 2019 edition!

graduation subway art 2019

Just right click on the image above to save it.  Then, use it for posters, cards, banners and however your creative mind desires!

Happy Graduation, graduates - I am proud of you!