Being Present in Colorado

I just love Breckenridge, CO.   No, duh, right?  It's the town, the people, the energy, the pace, the fresh air, and there just feels like there is so much to do or not do.  I also love just looking at the mountains and leaning into them.

One of my goals this summer is just to be.  Do you know how hard it is to just be sometimes? Without thinking of what's next or what just happened?

Being present in the exact moment of time is tricky.  However, I do believe that is what is so magical about being outdoors and being lost in the mountains (or the sea or the jungle or wherever you are outdoors). Being outside is probably the best and easiest place to just be.

When I am just in the present moment (the opposite of worrying or planning), I admire all the amazingness that life and Breckenridge offers.  Things like bouldering, hiking above tree line, admiring the cutest foxes I've ever seen, seeing Molly and Mr. UpCyclist ski/snowboard in early July..... (Didn't I tell you Molly was rad?)

Going sledding with Lil O and Cousin A (in July)....

Watching the gals ride our DIY long board (a snowboard mounted with wheels) and celebrate our newest family addition, the Diggler (which you can see in the background; Lil O is riding it).  The Diggler deserves its own post.  You know how long I've been wanting one.

See you on the other side of the weekend.  It's time to get back to being present.