Brave Lessons {No. 4}

To keep myself accountable for my word for 2014, Brave, I started a new series, Brave Lessons. You can find the first installations herehere and here.  This is what I have learned since those first three posts about Brave and here's what I am celebrating:
  • Last post, I was totally questioning if Brave was the right word for me.  I thought it might be too strong.  I was wrong.  Brave is exactly what I need.
  • I've noticed I've needed bravery in unexpected places - like on the trails with Jedi, coaching clients, and asking for help from loved ones.
  • My Brave is all relative.  I think about the girls in Nigeria, people in the path of a tornado, and some of the kids in my own neighborhood.  Talk about Brave.
  • My friend & colleague KP shared this saying with me, "Sounds like a first world problem."  I use that line all the time now to put my life and its problems into perspective. Jedi has a crazy amount of ticks and they are driving me insane!  Sounds like a first world problem.  Should Lil O and I go to camp this summer?  Sounds like a first world problem.  Should I make my coaching business cards or buy them?  Sounds like a first world problem.  I realize most of my first world problems do not require bravery.
As for celebrating....
  • I'm celebrating a recent collaboration with a fellow blogger who I admire tremendously.  Look for something fun regarding that next week.  I'll give you a hint:  You get to hear our voices!
  • Coaching.  You know how I adore {life & creativity} coaching.  With my semester coming to a close, I'm about to take on new clients.  Whose stuck and needs to get unstuck?  Email me and let's set up an appointment to chat by phone (jenglara at 
  • I have a few BIG things I will be announcing in the coming week. Dreams are becoming a reality and I am freaking out in the best way.  
Yay for Brave!  And yay for celebrations!