Montessori, Winter, & Knitting

Lil O knitting taught at her Montessori school

I must be slacking off and lovingly consumed with the Rainbow Loom Project.  I haven't mentioned my admiration for Montessori education done well in months.  Do you like how I add "done well" after the Montessori education part?  Not all Montessori schools do Montessori education well.  The same could be said for home schoolers, public schoolers and independent schoolers, too.  I like my education - any education -  done well.  I bet you agree.

Now, I know many people across the country are complaining about winter and all the snow & cold. You know I am a snow & winter lover as evidenced by me calling Colorado the Mother Land in this post.  Plus, you know my entire family loves to ski and frolic in the snow (see post here).  Jedi actually prays for snow.

There is another reason I love the cold weather.

Lil O finger knitting taught at her Montessori school

Lil O and all her fellow Montessorians are taught to knit and crochet when the weather is cold.  All. of. them.  Girls, boys, all ages.  They all knit, crochet, listen to others reading books, chat while knitting, knit at home, knit with fingers, knit with looms, knit with needles.  Knit and crochet galore.  Sure, they do botany, mathematics, the grammar box and all the other Montessori work for their age group, but they also get to enjoy the arts, keep busy hands, and appreciate handmade work.

Yet, another reason I can't get enough of Lil O's Montessori school and lovely Montessori education done well.


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And of course, join the Rainbow Loom Project!  You have until March 15th, ok?