Daniel Pink in Person. Pinch Me.

My soul is on fire again.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing my very favorite author in person - Daniel Pink.  You might remember him from my blog posts here and here.  I adore his last three books and literally could read his book Drive over and over again.  Have you read Drive?  Treat yourself; trust me.

I was this close to him during his talk.

Although I had heard most of what he spoke about online - I especially like this RSA Animate video of him - it was still amazing to see him speak in person.  He is so bright, clever, creative and packs a zesty sense of humor.  I can't believe I just described any part of his style as zesty.

Help me.

Three things made my soul ablaze:

  1. I publicly asked Pink which books or writers he would suggest for parents and grandparents to read.  Guess what?   He said anything by Alfie Kohn.  Check.  (remember my blog post here and here about Alfie).  A writer I am not familiar with Amanda Ripley.  And (drum roll, please), Mindset by Dr. Carol Dweck.  Remember my blog post here from two weeks ago?  In fact, Pink said, not to buy his books and only buy Mindset and read it.  "It's that good."  At that point, I just about fainted as it validates everything I've been thinking and doing since November.
  2. You know when you sit by someone and strike up a conversation and that chance conversation literally changes your life.  The guy next to me did not know it, but the brilliant things he said to me will not stop playing and replaying in my mind.  I'd love to share them right now, but a) I'm still mulling them over in the most deepest way and b) my family is wondering when I will be off this computer.  Thus, more on that chance encounter another day.  I love those gifts from the universe.
  3. This event was co-supported by System Source, an IT company.  System Source splurged and bought Drive books for each one of the attendees.  Since Lil O's teacher next year is a Daniel Pink fan, too, I asked Pink to sign the free book for her.  Isn't that a fun teachery surprise - an autographed Daniel Pink book?  Lil O will deliver it tomorrow.

OK, I said I would get off this computer in ten minutes and my ten is up.

With a blazing soul and I really have so much more to write,

PS - This fantastic graphic-recorder person, Kelly Kingman, sketched out Daniel Pink's talk as he was talking! Do you see the photo all the way up above?  Isn't her work amazing?  Like learning eye-candy.  I'd love to have her sketch one of my classes or the keynote I just gave.  Ahhhhh.....