Life Updated: The Mother Land

If you know me at all in person or from this blog, you know I adore Colorado.  Actually, adore isn't strong enough of a word.  My soul lives for Colorado.  It is born from it - figuratively (as I am a native Floridian as I've mentioned before).

We spend at least ten weeks a year in the state usually at our place in the adorable town of Breckenridge - which cannot be any cuter.  In fact, on the 26-hour drive, I had a wild idea (actually, I had more than one wild idea; a 26-hour drive can do that to you).  I should start a summer camp for adults in Breckenridge.  There is so much to do here and everyone who visits us has the best time.  You can read more about the summertime in Breckenridge here.  Is my summer camp idea for adults crazy or what?  Would you come?

Most people think Colorado is all mountains, but the eastern section looks more like this.

You see those "poses" above?  I think each one of those poses represents each of their personalities.  Jedi, always looking for something to play with, chase or enjoy.  Mr. UpCyclist, level-headed, rational and should-be-sponsored-by-Patagonia.  Lil O, fierce and colorful.

I plan to blog a bit while in Breckenridge.  But, in case the skiing, hiking, enjoying Main Street, working at Kim's awesome soap store  and falling more deeply in love with Lil O, Jedi and Mr. UpCyclist overtake me....


Your support means so much to me.



PS - You know that photo up above - the Colorful Colorado one?  I am going to open up PicMonkey soon and clone out those speed signs.  They are bothering me.  New to cloning?  Read more about cloning here.