How I Blog {and Why Sometimes I Seem Heartless}

Artwork created by Jen

I swear, I am not heartless.  Let me explain.....

Way back in February, I started a blog series, How I Blog, to explain the blogging process and my "way" of blogging.  Most of my college students do not read blogs like I do, much less keep one, so often they ask me questions about why, what, how, and when I blog in general.  

In my first post here, I explained my scheduling of posts.  As you might recall, I plan ahead and blog for 1-3 weeks at time, which explains why many of my posts go "live" on days where the world is in crisis, yet I make no mention of it.  So far, I've blogged on sad, terrifying days like the Newtown shootings, the Boston Marathon bombings and most recently, the Oklahoma tornadoes.  Could my timing be anymore off?

However, I will employ my life coaching skills and reframe this in my mind:  Maybe the blog posts serve as a refuge from the mayhem.  Maybe.  Just maybe.

Thus, when you read a post and wonder why I've made no mention of the world in turmoil, please don't think I am untouched, unmoved, or unemotional.  You know I am as evidenced here and here.  When the world has gone awry, I usually forgot a blog post is going live as I am sending healing vibes in my mind and soul to those in need.

All the best,



  1. Just for the record, you've never once come across as heartless to me. I enjoy reading, whenever your posts happen to pop up!!

    1. Jamie - You are kind! I thought I would explain just in case "others" were judging me.


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