Now, that's a welcome home

After traveling for a week, I returned home to these two at the airport.  Lil O was at school.

Gosh, I adore Mr. UpCyclist and Pup Jedi.

After the greeting Jedi gave me - running up to me, making dog-talking sounds, licking me, doing his best play-bow and wanting to stand on his legs and be eye-to-eye, several strangers in the airport commented, "Your dog sure loves you."

The feeling is mutual and even though, Mr. UpCyclist's welcome-back-greeting was more civilized, we are elated to be in the same state.  Make that the same continent.  Did I mention Mr. UpCyclist was in Finland last week and me in California?  Big thank you to my sweet sister, BIL and cousins for loving on Lil O while her parents jet-setted away.

Now, the four of us are back together.  Cuddles abound!

And apparently, we've become that family.  You know, the family who takes their dog everywhere.

Proud and loved,


PS - I'm curious.  Where is the strangest place you've taken your pet?  I might need some new ideas.


  1. I took my Chihuahua in the Macy's in NYC. He was in a carrier and he barked a few times. He also rode in a cab there.New Yorkers really love dogs! Best trip with my dog ever! :)

    1. Denise - That is sooo funny. We considered taking Jedi to NYC, but once we were there, I couldn't imagine having him with us. He likes to smell everything and since NYC streets are so "engaging" (ha!), we thought, oh my! He will never make it down a street with taking five hours to smell it all.

      Perhaps, we should reconsider.