Scribd {for Tech Tuesday}

I have a new online class starting this week.  Our topic is reading across the curriculum, which is a useful topic as most of my students are either current or future middle or high school teachers and have not been fully trained in reading.

To frame the class, I want to use the Relate, Create and Donate philosophy.  Our donations & documents will be uploaded to Scribd.  Scribd bills itself as an online library of documents.  For me, it is my favorite place to freely upload Microsoft Word or PDF documents and make those documents public (and thus, easily downloadable and shared).  It is a great tool to upload syllabi, newsletters for parents, classroom handouts, etc.

College students in our reading course, please watch this quick two-minute tutorial about uploading your documents.  Be sure to use the "tags" feature and then, copy the link to your documents - as you will need to embed that link in our course's discussion boards.

Happy Scribd!


PS - Here is an example of how I've used Scribd to make a version of graduation subway art available to the public.