Updated Blog Colors - You like?

You might have noticed Upcycled Education got a color lift.  Yep, those little circles all changed colors. PS - For my mobile users, you might need to go to "web version" to see the new and improved changes :)  Here is the new blog header:

What do you think?  Do you like the new, semi-strange color scheme?

In case you were wondering, I aim to recolor the blog every season or two - part of the allure of the design I was thinking.  I am using the Pantone color guide to help me.  Since I am a wanna-be-designer, you will have to consult this Wikipedia entry to explain Pantone and their expertise a la color.

According to Pantone, this is this fall's color guide.  I used just a portion of this season's colors.  And since I am a wanna-be, I still have a long way to go to 100% color match.  But, I tried.  And I am happy.  Or at least, I think the colors look interesting.  Slightly different.  Unexpected.  And less perky than they were before.  Not that I don't like perky; I just prefer less perky colors to roll into winter.

I'm curious, which colors would you have chosen?  Maybe in the spring, we can have a contest to recolor Upcycled Education using the 2013 color guide.  Interested?


PS - In case you can't remember what the blog header used to look like, here is the before/summer blog header:

Now, the after/fall-into-winter blog header:

Which is your favorite?  I might like them both.