Puppy Jedi Scare

Puppy Jedi has been having one heck of a great and crazy summer.  Colorado is about as dog-friendly as they come.  On most given days, Jedi meets at least 5-50 dogs (no lie on the 50 part!) and he plays with groups of dogs weekly at the local dog park and in the town river.

Jedi sleeping

Jedi learned to swim two weeks ago.  Lil O and I were hooting and hollering!  Mr. UpCyclist missed it.  Sorry, love.  This past week, we went on an off-leash hike with two of Jedi's dog friends, Max and Casey.  In Denver, Jedi got to explore the off-leash dog park that is one of those "roaming" dog parks - which means dogs literally can run, explore and just be on 20 plus acres.  Or maybe 50 acres.  Let's just say the park was huge and all for dogs (Memphis has the same type of roaming dog park, too).  Incredible.

Maryland needs roaming dog parks.

We did have a huge scare with Jedi and had to rush him to the local vet.  Jedi consumed pot.  Yes, you heard me.  Pot.  Mary Jane. Weed.  Call it what you will, but the vet thinks he did.  I was flabbergasted.  It is not like we have pot in our house.  Come on.  Where did he get into it?

The local vet told me he either consumed it in the wild or from something - like a pot cookie.  She said she sees one dog a day who consumed pot and half the time the owners have no idea how (like us).  The day Jedi became high he did consume something near our local dumpster.  He ate the "whatever" too quickly for me to get it out of his mouth.  Perhaps, it was a baked good laced with pot.

Needless to say, he isn't allowed close to the dumpster anymore.  And I have scoured our neighborhood for pot plants.  I haven't found the source yet.

Anyway, he was fine until about 5pm that day when he was napping in a puddle of urine.  At first, Lil O and I thought, "Crazy puppy!  He peed and slept in it."  But, when he woke and couldn't sit up, was totally lethargic, wobbly and breathing deeply, we knew something was up.  Urine was running out of him and he just gazed into the distance.

I immediately called the vet who asked about his pot consumption.  At first, I thought she had lost her mind.  Where would he get pot?  But, she said all the symptoms are common for such consumption.  I was baffled and slightly offended.  However, Jedi clearly needed help as he was acting like he was on death's doorstep.

We brought Jedi to the vet with the help of a friend (in case you are wondering where Mr. UpCyclist is - he was out-of-town and had our only car).  We got to the vet in about 30 minutes and the vet remained certain he had consumed pot based on his behavior, heart rate, temperature and slight jumpiness.

Really?  I was still not a believer.  Maybe Jedi had giardia?  An infection?  Something.

The vet did some blood work which all came back in the "normal" range.  She gave him some IV fluids to get him through the night, so he wouldn't dehydrate.  She told us that he would sleep off the highness and wake up fine by morning.

Guess what?  By 1am, he was fine.  I heard him grooming himself about that time.  Probably wondering why his fur smelled like urine.  And then, I took him outside for a normal pee and poo - no wobbliness or anything.  Then, he curled up next to me and went back to sleep.

When we awoke around 7am, he was 100% his old self.  No sign of death or craziness from the day before.

Can you believe?  Our puppy was high.  I remain baffled and embarrassed.

What kind of mom am I?

Stay healthy and safe, sweet blog reader.

I still can't believe.