Pinterest in Education for Tech Tuesday

Do you have interest in Pinterest?   I sure do.  I love all my boards, which you can see here.  I love that Mr. UpCyclist finds great ideas on Pinterest, too.  And I love that educators can use Pinterest to engage students.  Unsure how?  See this superb infographic below to steer you in the right direction.

16 Ways Educators Use Pinterest
From: Online Universities Blog

Brilliant use of pinning!


PS - Thank you, Linda, for sharing this infographic with me and the UE readers.

PSS - I heard Lil O mention Pinterest to a friend the other day.  Her friend had no idea what she was talking about.  Lil O looked stunned.


  1. I love Pinterest. I never thought pinterest could be used for education purpose, and students. Students can see different resources they can use for their research project, or pinterest about a popular event that would be informational.

    -Stephanie K.

  2. Pinterest is so great for ideas and inspiration! Plus, you never lose anything --when you pin it, you can find it later. I'm here on Pinterest --

    1. Thanks, M. I will check out your boards.

      Happy Spring,

  3. I absolutely love Pinterest; I pocket so many ingenious tips from them weekly. Using Pinterest in the classroom is a clever way to connect your students to inventive ideas and to each other. Because Pinterest allows one to create an infinite amount of unique, personal folders, their website may be a great resource for school assignments and classroom inspiration.
    Erica R

  4. This is awesome! I never thought of Pinterest as an educational tool. It's really a great idea. Using it to organize ideas, to connect with other schools, and gain feedback as a teacher is great. I would never have thought to let students use Pinterest to organize their thoughts and obtain new ideas from pins they see online. Not only can they use it for creative thinking and organization, but also to express themselves. It's a wonderful tool for VISUAL learners! The group project idea is also very nice, where you can all pin your ideas onto a community board and give each other feedback.

    -Morgan Lyons