Glow Stick Valentines Knock-Off

My creative cousin, Cheryl, turned me on to this idea.  Lil O and I designed the hearts and message in Publisher, printed on cardstock, and then, we took turns cutting out the hearts.  After purchasing two tubes of $1 glow sticks from Michael's craft store and taping one to each heart, we had her Valentines school ready.  Apparently, at Lil O's school, you do not put your name on your Valentines.  Like secret Valentines.

If you want another clever idea, see what friend Susan from Crafterhours (my favorite craft blog) cooked up.  Adorable, no?

And just for the record, I don't even like Valentine's Day anyways.  I use to call it the "Hallmark Holiday."  You would never know it with all these V-Day posts lately on Upcycled Education.  Maybe I am getting soft.

Happy creating,