Candy Heart Wreath

I don't like the consumption of food in preK-12 classrooms except for students eating lunch.  You'll remember my food rant from this post.  However, I really don't mind decorating with food.  Lil O and I made this wreath last year in under two hours; it was fun and easy to make with only a modest amount of hot glue burns.  Our family liked it so much, it literally hung in our foyer until May!

No lie.

If you'd like to make one for your home, classroom or as a gift, follow the easy instructions here.

Happy weekend, Upcyclists!



  1. love this! xoxo
    your is prettier than the original!
    (look for a re-post and a link up!!!!)
    "Cousin Cheryl"

  2. CC - You are so kind to me. I love that you shared this post on your blog.