Embedding YouTubes into PowerPoint

Are you one of those folks who hyperlinks from PowerPoint to YouTube when you want to share a video with your class?  And do not say, you are one of those schools that disallows YouTube.  If the Smithsonian can have its own YouTube channel, certainly you should be able to access it, right?  I think that is in the United States Bill of Rights.  Or, it should be.

Anywho, this 4+ minute video will teach you (or your students or colleagues) how to embed YouTubes right into PowerPoint 2007 so you look uber-professional (if you have PowerPoint 2010, try one of these tutorials).  Can you believe this particular tutorial above has over a million views!  Most of those views came from my amazing college students. Yep, future tech-savvy educators.



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  3. I found this post and video very helpful. I just realized why I wasn't able to embed a video in one of my most recent precentations. I have an earlier version of PowerPoint and the "Developer" option isn't available. Thank you for shaing this. I will definitely be able to employ this feature once I upgrade.

    It is amazing how easy the tutorial made embedding videos into Powerpoint Presentations! You really share some great ideas and practical knowledge with your readers. Looooove it!
    T. Greene FA 2011

    T. Greene

  4. Incorporating technology into a lesson plan can be the difference in getting your students attention. By maintaining students curiosity the teacher is encouraging them to want to learn and pay attention. Any teacher can copy a ditto, it takes a skillful teacher to incorporate intrigue into the lessons.

  5. I think that embedding YouTube vids into power points Is a great I idea. It helps to reinforce what ever the topic is and it helps to give another perspective on the topic. It relates to the course because for people to learn and understand/retain, we need to be exposed to the topic/idea 6-10 times.

    T yargus

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