Are QR codes too much for desserts?

Since you know I love QR codes, I was it too much to label the two desserts we're bringing to my in-laws house for Thanksgiving?  Just in case someone wanted to have the recipes, the QR codes would make it easier to share.  My hand model (lil O) and I think the codes are nifty.



PS - In case you want the QR codes for the desserts.  This one is for Ina Garten's Easy Cranberry and Apple Cake.  Yum!

This next one is breaking most Thanksgiving traditions - a Dulce de Leche Flan.  It is a-ma-zing and worth being a T-giving rebel.

Gobble, gobble.....


  1. The QR codes are perfect and quiet frankly have been popping up everywhere that I go. The grocery store, restaurants, malls and everywhere else I go that on a day to day basis. You can use QR codes for newsletters that you send home with student or include them in emails for their parents. But if you need students to use them you need to make sure that they or their parents have the technology able to access the QR code. Instead of giving out paper work sheets, you can print one sheet of paper and attach the homework link to the QR codes maybe even link it to one of the free textbook websites that we learned about.
    Vanessa B.

  2. As I mentioned on your fb page...I was going to attempt QR codes for a few of my dishes at our annual holiday blow out....well, time got away from me and I did not have time. But, I wish that I had done it; I found an awesome shrimp n'grits recipe that everybody loved.....those codes would have been soooo helpful! Christmas day has not yet passed, so we shall see if I can pull it off by then. Thanks for the idea!