Post-Its in mind

Happy October and welcome back, Guest Upcyclist, Dr. G.  Who's ready for a review activity?  Take it away, the uber-engaging, Dr. G.....

Steps for the student:
  1. Get three, blank small Post-it notes.
  2. Choose any three terms you remember from the lesson and write one term on each of the three Post-it notes.  Do not let other classmates see which terms you have chosen.  Make sure you know what the terms you chose mean.
  3. Find three people in your surrounding area, introduce yourself by name, and put one Post-it note on each of their foreheads without letting them see the term (so each person will eventually have three notes on their forehead).
  4. Next, find three new people, introduce yourself by name, and without using the terms on their forehead, explain each term until they guess each Post-it note’s term.
  5. Have fun and review those terms!
I think Dr. G could have a new sponsor - Post-it Brand!  Click here to see Post-it's teacher resource page.  It is pretty fabulous.  Who knew?

Thanks, Dr. G....