Current projects for 2017-18.  Check back periodically as this list gets updated:
  • Working on a new product with my partner-in-crime, Jackie Gambone, as part of our edupreneuring endeavor, Hello, Strategies!  
  • Over-the-moon ecstatic over the fact that the coach training program I co-created and co-facilitate with Sue for my college received International Coach Federation accreditation.  Who wants to be trained as a coach?! Sue and I are ready for ya!  And, you know I am serious.
  • Looking forward to speaking at two upcoming educator conferences - one in Maryland and one in Texas.
  • Dreaming about attending one of these coaching courses.  Keeping my coaching skills fresh is a must-have.
  • I'm still happy I launched my email service for Upcycled Education.  Have you signed up yet?  Go back to the Home page to do so.
  • Falling in love over and over again with our YOU ARE AWESOME wooden nickels.  Let's face it - the world needs more awesome right now.  Purchase some here.
  • Psyched that a few of our Hello, Strategies products got shipped off to an educator + coach in Ireland recently.  How cool is that?!
  • Speaking of Ireland, I'm itching to do more world traveling after my family's May trip to Lisbon, Portugal.  Anyone teach overseas and need professional development?  I'd love to come share my PD loves with you. You know what I would share about.... coaching, amplifying engagement, and more coaching.  I'm like a (joyful) broken record.  But seriously, why all educators were not (and still are not) trained as coaches baffles me.  Having coaching skills as an educator is "thee" skill set to have.
  • I'm still loving still the simple Hello, Strategies branding below.  Remember, how I made all of our logos and graphics using PicMonkey?  PicMonkey recently updated their pricing, features and site and I continue to have a crush on them. They slay it.