Current projects for 2018-19.  Check back periodically as this list gets updated:
  • Over-the-moon ecstatic over the fact that the coach training program I co-created and co-facilitate with Sue for my college received International Coach Federation accreditation and won an Innovation Award.  Who wants to be trained as a coach?! Sue and I (plus, 75 other coaches at my college) are ready for ya!  And, you know I am serious
  • I'm still happy I launched my email service for Upcycled Education.  Have you signed up yet?  Go back to the Home page to do so.
  • Falling in love over and over again with our YOU ARE AWESOME wooden nickels.  Let's face it - the world needs more awesome right now.  Purchase some here.
  • This spring, Sue and I will train our first tribe of K-12 educators to be coaches.  Hurrah!  Dreams do come true.
  • Dear 2019, I would like to take 2-4 trips internationally in 2019.  K?
  • I use the WW app to track nutrition and fitness.  Though weight lose isn't my goal, I lose about one pound a week using it.  Crazy, eh?
  • My undergraduate degree is from Michigan State University.  Go Green! Go Spartans!

Cheesy grin, Michigan State style ;)