Current projects for 2016-2017.  Check back periodically as this list gets updated:

  • Enjoying my new co-launched website, ebook, and products at Hello, Strategies!  We are contemplating a hard-bound version for winter and translating our ebook into Spanish.
  • Looking forward to speaking at PSU's Nurse Educators Event and Ashford University.
  • Dreaming about attending this training at Zappos.
  • Pinching myself that my college is supporting an internal coach training program.  Yes, you heard me.  24 of my colleagues will be trained as coaches. I could cry. Oh, wait, I did.
  • Loving my email service for Upcycled Education.  Have you signed up yet?
  • Falling in love over and over again with Hello, Question Cards.  For $12, you need a pack pronto!
  • Unsure why 100%, but Tulum is calling my name.  Maybe I can offer coaching or professional development there and enjoy the ruins and beaches?  Hey, let's go on a retreat together, yes?