I am a college professor, mom of two (one has furry legs), public speaker, and lover of really big mountains.  I recently took a new position at my college, Director of Faculty and Staff Development.  

Want to know more about me and Up?  Read the FAQs below.

Why Upcycled Education?

I named this blog Upcycled Education because I am an educator by training and currently, teach teachers and college students studying to become teachers.  I originally started blogging to talk about educational strategies and theories - only.  Upcycled Education, has evolved over the last 18 months and I now talk about topics that interest me - my family, hobbies, lifestyle, technology, creativity, cycling, {life} coaching, and of course, education.  

Why the Upcycled part?

I like the spirit behind the word "Upcycled." Take an idea or take materials and turn that idea or materials into something better - something more valuable than its original form.  That is exactly what I aim to do with this blog, Upcycled Education - Take an idea, thought or topic and add value to it.

I heard someone say you constantly talk about your family.  Is that true?

Me?  Yes! Mr. UpCyclist, Lil O, and Pup Jedi add value to my life. They make my world. so. much. better.  I like to share our lifestyle with others.  And for you dog lovers, here is another photo of Jedi.  Handsome, isn't he?  Did I mention my family and I like to ski?

I notice you blog about creativity, cycling, {life} coaching, Colorado and Montessori Education all the time...

Guilty!  I appreciate those topics, too and think if they were embraced, the world would be a better and more fulfilled place.  

I hear you are starting a cycling team...

Indeed.  Read about it here.  It actually already launched.  Want to see our jerseys?

What are your official credentials?

Do you want my resume?  If yes, email me :)  But, then you have to invite me to speak or lead a workshop.  OK?

Do you offer any services?

Yes!  I develop and lead workshops, give presentations/keynote addresses, organize professional development sessions/training, {life} coach, and administer and score the Torrance Test for Creative Thinking.  Here I am as a panelist at a leadership retreat outside of Chicago.  Windy, isn't it?

If you'd like to discuss my services, email me at jen at upcyclededucation.com.  I love working with new people and groups.