Send Me Your Teens: Leadership + Coaching Program

Y'all - send me your teens.

I'm serious. Say YES.

Yes Jen Lara

For two years (yep, you heard me - two full years), I've been wanting to create and launch a teen-centered program to develop teens' leadership skills and combine it with coaching.  You know my love for coaching.  To me, coaching is the foundation of all good, transformative things in the world including leadership.  And, I can't wait any longer.  

The world is too crazy.
The times are too urgent.
There is too much at stake.

The time is now.  For me.  For you.  For our teens. 

The Leadership + Coaching Program (LCP) I created is not focused on the doing of leadership. Our teens "do" enough.  The LCP is focused on how to be a leader.  What leadership feels like from within.

Read more about The Leadership + Coaching Program hereAnd, send your teens. I've built this age-appropriate, all in experience just for them.

With certitude,