Gifts for Coaches

I was sharing with a group of coaches last night how ever since I started teaching coaching classes, I have received all sorts of thank you gifts, cards, and tokens of appreciation because very simply - coaching rules.  It does. Plain and simple. Before the pandemic, I probably received something in my mailbox (at work) at least once a week; now the thank yous come by email.  I've been collecting those emails in my "You Suck Jen" email folder.  That's the folder that I go to when I think I am not making a difference in the world and I should quit my job + move overseas.  Those emails remind me I am making a positive difference and that more coaching in the world makes for a better world.  

Because I've received so many lovely gifts over the last five years since I began teaching more coaching classes, I wanted to share some of my favorites - that I didn't eat.  Some of the gifts were chocolate, cupcakes and candy!  

I rarely journal and yet, I completely filled out this one Coach Heather L. gifted to me.  I dig the prompts and high quality "feel."

I'm not quite advocating drinking and if you do, this lager's name makes me smile.

I am advocating for this mug.  It was given to me by Coach Kellie and I love it.  Drinking from it brings me joy.

This charm from Coach Yolanda is so sparkly and here's a pandemic tip: It shows up well on Zoom!

I was given one teal colored Le Pen from Coach Allison and you would think I won the lottery. I heart that pen!

Joy is one of my core values.  I love that the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu agree in this book gifted to me by Coach Dan.

Coach Dan, does it again!  Every soap from Whiskey River is hilarious.  This Life Coach soap one is the best.  

And, if you are like me and need the reminder....You are doing a freaking great job!  Thanks, Coach, Heather W, for the reminder and this book.

With coachy love,