Going to College Overseas

What is your opinion of earning an entire college degree overseas?  

Since one of my core values is growth, I am already enjoying learning about all the college/university options in the world since Miss O will be going to college in a few short years.  

Amsterdam canal photo

Delft, Netherlands photo

Riding bikes in Delft, Netherlands

When I was in high school, going to school for a degree overseas seemed like a bad idea - mostly because US degrees felt more credible.  Because the world is more globally-focused now, I'm learning that degrees from overseas are valued and the cost?!  Y'all, college/university overseas is so much more affordable from I am learning than attending a college/uni in the US including masters degrees!  Some degrees cost nothing for US students and others cost $4K-$12K for the year.  My mind is blown.  One year of studying in many US-based universities cost $25-50K.  Imagine getting your entire college degree for the price of one year of US study?!

First, I think you all know my family and I enjoy traveling overseas.  We haven't been to too many places, but we loved our weeks in Portugal, England and the Netherlands (photos in this post) over the past few years.  When the pandemic is over, we hope to explore more countries specifically Spain and Germany.

In the meantime, here are a few international college resources I am learning the most from about....

Beyond the States - This blog, consulting service and podcast are all very helpful.  Jenn (who started Beyond the States)'s son is studying in Rotterdam, Netherlands right now and she has literally made herself an expert on studying overseas.  Jenn is also living in Lisbon, Portugal, so her real-life experience is interesting, too. Check out Jenn's blog here, website here and podcast here.  I also follow Beyond the States on Instagram, too.

Private Facebook Groups - A fellow mom recommended I join a private FB group (or two) related to attending college overseas.  Y'all, I am learning so much from the posts I am reading.  Right now, I feel a bit like a voyeur because I have nothing to offer.  Learning-wise, it's so interesting to read about all the places US-teens are going to college overseas even during the pandemic.

Ulysses Facebook Page - This is another consulting service (like Beyond the States offers).  A fellow FB parent recommended it to me.  I have not explored them deeply yet, but I just started following their Facebook page to see what I can learn.

International University Admission Guide - This free guide is packed full of information.  I highly advise it as a read.

I'm curious....what are your thoughts about completing a college degree entirely overseas?  What other resources should I explore?

Excited to learn more,