Favorite Home Finds During the Pandemic

As most of you already know, we moved during the pandemic.  Here are some of my favorite pandemic home finds that are bringing immense efficiency and joy to my life....

Jen Home Finds Favorites

Ready for them?

Tip trays for the bathroom and kitchen. You install these yourself following the package instructions.  We have tip trays now in our kitchen and main bathroom to hold things like kitchen sponges, our toothpaste and floss, etc.  It also makes your countertops less cluttered feeling.

So, I don't have to use so many cleaning liquids around our house, I just wet these and use them.  They are reusable, so you can wash/dry them with ease.  

I am such a fan of "S" hooks in every closet.  I use them for hanging belts, my purse, backpacks, masks, hats, you name it!  This pack includes six hooks.

Be honest....how often do you bring your cell phone into the restroom?  If you do, you will appreciate the clever design of this TP holder.  We have it in the bathroom right by my home office.  Ha! 

We do not have cable at our house because we have Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Apply TV.  So, that we can still clearly receive the local HD broadcast signals for ABC, NBC and CBS (plus other local signals), this very thin antennae does an amazing job!  Gone are the days of bulky antennas. This one is almost paper thin and super easy to install.

The real MVP of our household, our Eufy robotvac!  I cannot believe how much Eufy picks up.  I think she is the hardest cleaner in our household.  You can also communicate with her by the Eufy app.  Look for her to go on sale!

After Eufy does her job, this steam mop is easy to use and super-cleans the floors!  I am always disgusted by how dirty the steam mop head gets after cleaning.  The good news:  You wash the mop heads in your washing machine.  Hurrah!  I love reusable cleaning stuff.

We've become kind of lazy (or efficient) over here.  Mr. UpCyclist has installed motion sensor lights in our walk-in pantry, storage room and main bedroom walk-in closets.  At first, I was like, "We don't need those."  But, now, I am a true motion sensor light believer for small spaces.

Speaking of lights, our new place has a ton of light switches (that we do not want to be motion sensor-abled).  We use this old-school labeling tool (remember this gadget from the 70s and 80s?) to label which light switch works which light.  This gadget is fun to use, looks totally retro and comes with two tape rolls in red and black. What a bargain!

Not everyone is an Alexa product fan; we are.  We have several of these smart plugs throughout our house.  During Christmas time, we put all of our indoor and outdoor holiday lights on smart plugs and would just tell our Echo to "turn on the outdoor lights" or "turn on the Christmas lights."  Specifically for outdoor use, you need this smart plug as it is weather friendly. 

What's your most appreciated home find?  Message me in Facebook or Instagram to let me know.  Because of the crazy spam this blog has been receiving, I've turned off the commenting feature indefinitely.

With efficiency and joy,


Graduation Subway Art 2021

 Every year since 2017, I think, I've uploaded a graduation subway art image for others to use for free.

Graduation Subway Art 2021

And, every year since 2017, some lovely blog reader has emailed me asking when I'm going to upload the current year's subway art. 

Not this year.

I'm one step ahead.  Graduation subway art for 2021 is here! You can either right click and save the image above.  Or click here to download the PDF version of it.

Either way, the subway art looks great framed, as a notecard, a big poster or be like my sister; blow up the subway art for the side of your barn!

Graduation Subway Art Barn

Enjoy and congratulations to your graduate(s)!


Pep Talks Free Download

Pro-tip....If you don't read Elise Joy's blog or follow her on Instagram, I highly recommend her.  She is a small business owner, author, DIY-er, podcaster, blogger, and very thoughtful parent.  I appreciate how much she gets done and how much she lets go off without guilt.

I also subscribe to her newsletter, too.  Design-wise, it's always so pretty and she includes free gems in it, like this pep talk.  Why not take a highlighter and highlight the pep you need for 2021?

Here are Elise's links:






Go check 'er out,


Emotional Intelligence Tool - The Feelings Wheel

Hey there, 2021.  I know this year - like all years - will have it's ups and downs.  I'm thinking, this Emotion or Feelings Wheel will help me and others stay in a somewhat rational mindset.  You know what we say in coaching, "Name it to tame it."  Name the emotion to tame it, so it does not over-run you.

There are a few, free versions of the Feelings Wheel online.  The one above is from Calm (and includes credit to the originator, Dr. Gloria Wilcox).  You can download the one above for free in color or black + white (which could be fun to color in yourself).  A lovely coach and colleague, Amy from Ovation Coaching, originally introduced the Feelings Wheel to me.  Thanks, Amy!

AND, for all of you picking your word for 2021, maybe one of the words off the wheel could be your pick.

With curiosity and joy (I picked those two from the wheel!),