My Word for 2021

If you've read Upcycled Education through the years, you know I often choose a word or phrase to support me during the year ahead.

Coaching is my jam t-shirt

Probably my favorite word that served me deeply was BRAVE (in 2014). I wrote a blog post here about my biggest takeaways from showing up more bravely that year.  I'm laughing at the photo in that post; I still wear those cheetah print slippers every today.  In fact, I recently included those slippers (pair #5 of my lifetime) in my Jen's Favorite Gift Guide post here.

The biggest dud of a word for me was in 2016, Savor.  I literally can't remember doing anything with that word that year, but choosing it and then forgetting I had.

I recently heard someone say they were going to "audition" words for 2021.  I love that - auditions!  Here's what I am currently auditioning:

True:  Being true to my soul's purpose + in doing so, finding peace and happiness
Faith: Having confidence and trusting (no matter how coo-coo life gets and seems)
Wonder: Being open to beauty, signs, and synchronicities

The other day I asked on Instagram what words you all were considering.  Push, community, open to change, move, evolve....were shared.  Reading those words makes me so curious.  AND, since it's December 31st and I am in the audition phase, I'll have to circle back and let you know which word or phrase I choose.

Or better yet, which word chooses me.

Happy last bits of 2020, dear friends.  Here's to 2021 ahead!

With love,