Happy Holidays 2020 + My Badges


Holiday Collage Jen Lara 2020

Dearest blog readers - How is your holiday season going?  Would you believe I came down with something on December 24th?  Not the 'rona (or at least my rapid and PCR tests both came back negative), but something - wicked headache, sore throat, nausea.  Ugh.  Totally un-fun.

Now days later, I am feeling much, much better.  So much better in fact, that since it's a mild winter day in Maryland today (high 50 degrees F), I might even go for a light run.  And by "light run," I mean peppy walk!

Speaking of peppy walk, my family and I watched Soul on Disney Plus two nights ago.  If you have watched Soul, you know the "young souls" earn badges before they go to earth to inhabit a body. My family thinks I earned more than one badge for "excitability" from the Excitable Pavilion (also, part of the movie).  I took their comment as a compliment though I know they often times wish I would turn down my life excitability and enthusiasm.  Ha!

I hope the last bits o' 2020 go smoothly!  And, here's to a bright, less-dramatic and still excitable 2021 ahead!

Happy Holidays!