Life Updated + Obii App: Join me

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Hello lovely blog reader.  Hello, Day 74 of staying-at-home.  I'm curious.  What is your pandemic life like these days?  What are you noticing and learning?  

Me?  I'm noticing and learning....

  • More people in our area are out using the hiking/walking trails than I've seen in my 20 years living in Maryland.  Might that mean Maryland is becoming a more healthy state with all this outdoor activity?
  • Speaking of the outdoors, you can ski again in Colorado.  A-Basin Ski Resort is reopening this week - not that I am remotely close to being in Colorado right now.
  • Our family has not eaten out nor picked up to-go foods during this pandemic.  That means, we've cooked everyday for 74 days.  That is crazy to me.  One recipe our family has enjoyed is this one.  I use gluten-free flour (whatever we have on hand) to make it.  It has also given me a deeper appreciation for pickles.
  • This pandemic, I've spent more time with my mom and sister (and of course, Miss O, Jedi and Mr. UpCyclist).  There are silver-linings in this pandemic - for me, family.
  • More silver-linings:  Not setting an alarm for the mornings, barely driving, double walks/hikes with Jedi each day, recognizing good leadership, leveraging every feature Zoom can offer, and feeling like a global "pause" button has been hit.
I'm also noticing I am more creative lately with work projects and ideas.  It's like all of the ideas I have had for my college's coaching program finally get to have their moment.  I'm proud of AACC and what we have created.

To complete my work flow this summer, I am offering the app-based Life Tune-up one last time (until the fall) starting June 8th.  Won't you join me?  So far, 80 participants have completed it and I heard from one participant, "Every person should take this.  It makes you a better person."  I agree!  Plus, what else are you going to do this pandemic?  Seriously, join me.  You can read more about why I created the Life Tune-up here.

Starts June 8th
Price: $45 ($29 with code)
Coupon code: earlybirdsummer

AND, It's Memorial Day in the US today.  Thank you, Mr. UpCyclist and the other military service people! I am grateful for your service.

With gratitude,