It's That Time Again + Coaching Prom

I have two things to share today.  Ready?

It's that time again.  Join me!  The app-based 21 Day Life Tune-up Challenge I launched back in February is beginning again on May 4th.   If you missed the challenge back then, you can read about what it entails here and why it might be useful to you while we are all hunkering down for COVID-19.  AND, why not recruit some friends, family or co-workers to join you? Seriously.  It's a great way to family/team bond and grow together.

Thing #2 I wanted to share: Since all of the coaching courses I teach at my college are now remote, my class decided we would make our last Zoom class together a Coaching Prom!  Ha!  Y'all, I'm in a fancy dress in the photo below with an up do and my fuzzy slippers.

I thought the disco light was a creative and appropriate touch.  Do you agree?

I miss seeing my students in person and I'm kind of digging what you can create by Zoom to create connection and deepen learning even remotely.

Let's play together in May with the Life Tune-Up Challenge, ok?  Register here and use the code below to make your admission $29 (instead of $45).

UPDATE: The Life Tune-up will begin June 8th.  Use the info below to register....

Code:  earlybirdsummer
Link to register

Sending you lots of coachy love and virtual hugs,