Last call and Life Updated

It's been a while since I did a Life Updated post.  Here it goes....

  • I am celebrating that my entire course load at AACC this year has been coaching courses.  Pinch me.  
  • If you are local, we are going to offer our coaching course series this summer (specifically to educators) and this fall (open to the public), so email me if you want to know more.  Our courses do require 20 hours of face-to-face instruction, so you have to be in person for those hours.
  • Though Mr. UpCyclist isn't in any of the photos above, do know he is working hard on his Ph.D. dissertation and (fingers crossed) will graduate before the end of 2020!  Woot, woot! I am so proud of his hard work.
  • Miss O has her first job (besides babysitting). She is umpiring field hockey games.  I think I am the only person at tournaments who is cheering for the umpire and not a team.  Ha!  I love that kid...I mean, teen.
  • Jedi, the dog, says "Hi!" Why is he so cute? I swear that dog was put into my life to keep me exercising and to have more joy. Thank you, Jedi!  It's working.
  • This summer:   Miss O and I usually go to sleep-away camp in NC for three weeks. This year, we want to try something differently.  Have any suggestions for us?  Please plant any seeds or ideas you have!  Travel, a cool class, interesting experience....anything.
  • My mom is out of the hospital recovering from surgery and will go back in about a month to determine the next steps for her cancer treatment.  Please keep sending her all the good vibes and prayers you have.
  • And.....
Last call:  The Life Tune-up kicks off tomorrow, Feb. 17th, 2020!  You can still join us.  Register here.  Read about the tune-up here.  And use this code for a discounted price:  earlybird (case sensitive)

Because, why not join me?  It will be fun to virtually hang-out together and tune-up our lives.

Cheers, dear friends,

New App - A Passion Project

Without further ado, I'd like to welcome you to my newest passion project, Life Tune-up!

21 Day Life Tune Up Challenge graphic Obii

Here's my problem.  I always want to care for myself, but I don't always make the time to do so.  That means, everything gets done for everyone else and everything else and then, I'm too exhausted to focus on me.   I'm like a car needing a tune-up, but I keep putting it off and the mileage just keeps accumulating.

Solution:  I need a Life Tune-Up.  So, I created one.  And since I already don't have enough time, I made sure this tune-up is super time friendly.

Why is this important?  Because, "You can't pour from an empty cup."   You.  Me.  All of us.  It's time to thoughtfully fill-up our cups and then, go conquer the world (get stuff done, be fantastic parents, family members, colleagues...).  Follow our dreams.  Self-care.  And not feel depleted.

Details I've created a 21-day experience (called a "challenge") through the Obii app where you and I (plus, whomever wants to join us) will take 21-days to tune up our lives in a meaningful, coachy, and time-effective way.  Each day during the three week challenge, your phone/tablet will deliver new content right to you via the Obii app.  Your job each day is to watch the 1-5 minute video I made for you (and yes, it's me in the video - the gift of gab).   Take whatever you learn from that day's video and reflect on it in a downloadable journal I created.  There's a chance each day to share your biggest takeaways in our community - all via the Obii app. The app is pretty to look at, easy to use and fun.

Dates:  The dates for the upcoming challenge are May 4th-25th.

UPDATE: The Life Tune-up will begin June 8th.  Use the info below to register....

Code:  earlybirdsummer
Link to register

Want to join me?  Check in with yourself and see if you need (or maybe just want) a Life Tune-up.  I would love to virtually hang out with you while we self-care together.  Here is the link to register  Use this code for a discounted rate:  earlybirdsummer

And in case there is some little voice inside of you telling you differently, you are worth this - the time, the money, the self-care, the abundance, the everything!

Yep, you are -


PS - Life Tune-Up will take 5-10 minutes a day for three weeks in a row.  That's it!  And, it might be shorter some days and on one day longer as I have an interesting activity planned for us that is about 15 minutes that one day.