Holiday Season Bucket List Printable

Old Ellicott City

Old Ellicott City - Our Crew

Old Ellicott City - Jedi the Dog

Recently, I had some coaching on making this holiday season more special as sometimes the holidays can be stressful and un-fun.  Part of my coaching homework was to create a Holiday Bucket List.

Aside: Did you know coaching often includes some type of homework or accountability?  I mean, what's the point of working with a coach if you aren't committed to grow?

In efforts to fan the fun fire, I created a Holiday Bucket List printable.  Get yours here.  Right now, my Holiday Bucket List includes:
  • Visiting Old Ellicott City (photos are above); it's so charming there
  • Going to Homestead Gardens (Davidsonville location) at night; they wrap the trees in these gorgeous lights and my eyes and soul are so happy!
  • Eating at Hot Pot Hero; Miss O hasn't been yet; it's like an Asian Melting Pot
  • Checking out Georgetown Glow; we went last year and loved it.  Be ready to walk a few miles if you go!  Last year, we ate at this restaurant and the vibe of the restaurant was incredible (the food was OK).  Plus, scroll through the photos because the bathroom is CRAZY.
  • Take a family hike
Mr. UpCyclist clearly doesn't understand the Bucket List mentality as he added "clean cars" and "clean house" to the list.  Crazy husband!  Of course, I crossed those off immediately.

What's on your bucket list for this holiday season?  

Curious and excited,