Oh, the Hurdles of Fall

fall hurdles drawing

Hello blog readers - Happy fall! Even though I totally planned for fall this year.  I recorded a pep talk velfie (video selfie).  And, I know fall is historically my hardest season of the entire year, the hurdles of fall still found me!  After a coaching season with one of my college's new coaches*, I created this graphic to show fall's hurdles in a new, fresh, more delightful way.

Yes, fall brings professional and personal hurdles for me AND it also brings joy, optimism, and growth.

So, on my self-designed hurdle now includes....

Grass = growth
Music = joy
You got this = optimism
Pretty decorations on my hurdle = because why not?

If life is going to force me to jump hurdles this fall (or try to go around them - which by the way, hardly works for me), then why not make those hurdles lovely and cheerful?

What hurdles are you facing right now?  What's supporting you as you face them?


* Y'all, coaching at my college is growing!  See what we are up to here.  We now have over 120 coaches on campus and are training K-12 educators and community members, too.