100 Day Project Update

Hello!  I'm 1/5 of the way into my 100 Day Project and I wanted to update you.  You might remember from this post I have two 100 Day Projects going on this year:  an abs workout each day + writing each day.

As you can see from my photo below, my abs workout is going strong.  My writing each day has some holes (as denoted by the orange circles).  I completely missed those days.

With most things in life, I like to ask myself, what am I learning and what am I noticing?  It's one of my favorite questions on the planet.  Here's what I'm learning and noticing related to my two 100 Day Projects....

  • My abs are getting more defined. Evidently when you do just one song a day for 20 days, your abdominal muscles respond in a good way.
  • 50% of the time after doing one song for my ab workout, I do more songs for the rest of my body.  Not every time, but about half of the time, which is cool.  Momentum is a good thing.
  • Writing-wise, I am 70-30 on my enjoyment level for writing each day.  70% I am not enjoying making myself write; 30% of the time, I do enjoy writing (like I am enjoying writing this blog post right now).
  • The same momentum that keeps me moving forward with my abs is also what keeps me from moving forward with my writing.  Hence, those five days I missed.  I didn't miss writing at all those five days.
  • Ultimately, my biggest takeaway is progress not perfection.  I could easily ditch my 100 Day Projects (either just the writing one or both) because they are not perfect AND that would suck.  I don't have to abandon them just because I missed five days of writing.  I can acknowledge those days were missed, reflect on what I'm learning and noticing, and keep moving forward.  I don't have to run from imperfection. I can embrace it and learn from it.
And so I am.  

What about you?  How are your 100 Day Projects?