Happy New Year!

Love from Mr. UpCyclist, Miss O, Jedi (not pictured because they do not allow dogs at University of Maryland basketball games...go figure ;) and me!

Let's do this, 2019 -


Holiday Photos + Happenings

Greetings, friends!  Have you had a good holiday break so far?  We have!  Here's what we've been up to.....Christmas Day Evening with my sister and her family.  This is three generations of us!

The husbands jumped into this photo.  I love this crew.

Can Miss O and my two nieces be anymore grown up?  They all look like college students even though just one of them attends Penn State. Fingers crossed my other niece gets into her first choice, University of Colorado (one of my alma maters!).

Daddy's girl...and mama's girl, too!

My mom sings in a 55+ group called Encore Chorale.  They sang at the Kennedy Center over the holidays.  Isn't that so cool? We are very proud of her!

Miss O, Mr. UpCyclist and I are literally on our third puzzle over the holiday break.  Jedi keeps buying them for us and he's been choosing some hard, 1000 piece ones lately. Don't let all those colors fool you into thinking this puzzle was easy.

This one was an easy one.  It was just 300 pieces.  We completed this one pretty quickly.

We visited Georgetown Glow and enjoyed the light displays and adorable holiday vibe of Georgetown.  Plus, it's a great way to get exercise.  I think we walked three miles that night.

This selfie of me is from the bathroom at Oki in GeorgetownHow crazy is that bathroom?  It's so fun you just make yourself go.  Ha!  There is a black light in there so wear white or neon so you look fantastico.

Oki, in general, was fun and eclectic.  Look at this dining room?!  It's filled with so much stuff - my eyes were delighted.  The ramen was decent - not as tasty as our new favorite Jinya - and we'd go back to Oki nonetheless as the ramen was still good (plus, they have some different flavor profiles of ramen there).

Master Jedi requires at least 1-2 walks, hikes or runs a day.  Luckily, we live right near a trail system and gorgeous river.  Jedi is not afraid to swim anytime of the year.

We went to the new-ish Guinness Brewery over break with my mom and to meet Mr. UpCyclist's best friends.  The food, vibe, and beers were all thumbs up to us.  Plus, there is so much space and natural light there.  In the summer, the outdoor area looks fantastic.

One of our friends is now a granddad.  How cute is baby Nolan?  Miss O loves babies and cute kids.

What have you been up to this break?


Season's Greetings

XO, dear Upcycled Education friends + family. 

Have a superb holiday season (if you celebrate) and whose ready to have some brave fun in 2019?!

(Me, me!)

Lots o' love,

Year in Review Activity

If you are like me and like to wrap-up the year with a review, see below for an activity I riffed on from this post.  I think it's a great way to celebrate and/or bring closure to 2018 while thinking gently ahead to 2019.

Download the template here; Share with your circle of friends, family and colleagues.