10 Things Update

Hello, dear friends.  What's going on in your neck of the woods?  It's been a while since we connected, yes?  I'm curious. What have you been up to?

1.  I'm addicted to Peanut Butter Powder.  I bake with it, lace pancakes with it, and sprinkle it onto plain yogurt.  It is sooooo delicious if you like peanut butter and has much less fat since the fat is pressed out of the peanuts.  I hear it is also great in smoothies.

2.  See those mala beads in the photo above?  A dear, camp friend made them for me this summer and I love 'em.  I never used to like long necklaces; now, I do!  I'm going to experiment with making my own long necklaces since I have stockpiled so many beads over the years.  Wish me luck.

3. With slightly cooler temps in Maryland right now, I must say, I'm excited for long sleeve shirts, cozy pullovers, and for the first time ever, I'm buying myself black, tall boots.  I know, I know....some of you can't believe I don't own a pair yet.  My neighbor who likes fashion told me, every woman is entitled to several pairs of tall boots.  You don't own any, Jen?!  I love that my neighbor used the word entitled.  Like tall boots is a natural born right.

4. What are your binge watching recommendations?  Mr. UpCyclist and I have now binged:  Downton Abbey, The Crown, Jack Ryan, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.  I must say, I am waiting over here in bated breath for the Downton Abbey movie that is being released Fall 2019.

5.  I still use paper calendars/planners.  This is my current one.

6.  My favorite social media platform is by far Instagram.  I follow very few people and this one is probably one of my favorites as she is such a super creative mom and her adoptive daughter, Nova, is flipping adorable.  Plus, I've learned so much about albinism, which I didn't even realize I had curiosities about until their adoption of Nova.

7. Our family wants to take a spring break trip somewhere international in 2019.  So far, we've been to Lisbon, Portugal and London, England - both areas of the world we loved.  Got any recs?  Please message me if you do or leave any suggestions in the comments below.  If Miss O had her way, we'd head to Greece.  I'm unsure what the weather is like for Greece in March.

8.  I just remembered...the first long necklace I might try to create might look something like this or at least I'm inspired by this look.

9.  I'm experimenting with an idea that has been on my mind for about two years now.  What's fun about it is I'm getting to explore different technologies while I decide how to make that idea-dream into a reality.  So far, I've experimented with Facebook private groups, Livestreams, and Eventbrite.  I love learning new things, don't you?

10.  Speaking of learning new things, I've been taking the Undefeated Kickboxing class on Daily Burn for a month now.  You should see me in our basement. I'm a sweaty mess in just 30 minutes (thank goodness their classes are nice and short like that; maximum sweat in a short amount of time) If you want to try Daily Burn for a month free, use this link.  I think I even earn a month free, too!

What have you been up to lately?