Oh, Hi There....

I had no idea it has been so long since I last blogged.  What-to-the-what?!  What have I been doing?

Jen on her Stranger Things Bike

Let's see.  I think I've been really living my life.  And sometimes, you can't or I chose not to document it all on social media. So forgive me.  It's not that I didn't want to share.  I just didn't want to take time away from the actual experiences I was enjoying to take photos, edit them, upload 'em, write something clever... you get me, yes?

With all that being said and quickly explained, I do want to reignite more blogging in my life.  Lately, I have a lot on my mind in both good and creative ways.  This blog has always been a fantastic place for me to hash out my thoughts and get feedback on them.  Plus, I could really use some collaborators.  Allies.  Comrades.  Let's-get-stuff-done-together types of people.  That's you - in case you are still reading. 

Here is a sampler of blog posts coming your way....
  • The one big difference between public schools and independent/private schools.
  • How I left Under Armour's headquarters completely inspired.
  • Why a tea from Colorado has changed my life for the better.
  • Family updates:  Miss O, Mr. UpCyclist and Master Jedi.
  • My new rebellious name tag.
  • Wardrobe re-do.  If you know me, you are laughing about me blogging about fashion, but I have some great wardrobe finds, tips, and tricks to share - especially for you educator-on-the-go types.
  • What's next for Hello, Strategies.
  • My break-throughs regarding money and helping others.
  • And the big-daddy of them all:  How I got into the business of training {life} coaches and why that job is the dream job of mine.

More to come, dear friends -