My Rebellious Name Tag

This may not seem very rebellious to most; Perhaps, I am a faux rebel or rebel-wanna-be.

Jen's camp nametag

Close up of camp nametag

This year, instead of my standard college name tag, I am wearing my camp name tag.  Why?  Because camp rules.  Period.  End o' story.  However, you know I can't stop blabbing and thus, I continue.  If I can channel the spirit of camp into my day and "real" life, then, that to me is as good as winning the lottery.  Maybe better as the lottery doesn't buy you long lasting, impactful relationships and a whole lot of time outdoors.

As you can see in the photos, my camp name tag is a simple cross-section of a tree branch cut into a small disk (with a drilled hole for the lanyard).  I decorated my camp name tag with paint pens - we all did this summer at camp. What do you think of the pine-tree-running-water motif I've created?  

When I wear my camp name tag to my college - this is the important part - I bring a little bit of camp with me.  Which if you knew my camp, you would say BRING MORE.