Words in the Running for 2017

While I wait for my 2017 word to magically appear - you can read more about my word for 2017 here - I thought I'd share the list of word contenders and one more ski photo, because why not?  Plus, this angle - with the sky totally in the background - is so cool as is my lovely, ski bunny partner.

Jen and Miss O ski

I am down to this list of words and a few phrases....

  • Now - as in "be in the present moment"
  • Prosperity - which is a strange word for me, yet there is something I like about it.  I think it is the "thriving" part of the definition of prosperity that speaks to me
  • Go - This word might be too active for me, yet I like that it's slightly fiery to me and I might get some cool projects done.
  • Minimize - As in minimize the noise, wasted time, junk in my life, self-sabotaging thoughts.  I'm so done with those thoughts.
  • Intuition - Love this one!  I'm a big believer in my wise, inner voice.  And, if I were to listen to my wise, inner voice more?!  Oh my!  
  • Flow - This one is about living my values, listening to my intuition, being in alignment; I like flow. This is a good word for me.
  • Momentai - which is a Cantonese phrase that means "no problem."  I was told by a fabulous former student, C, that it bears the meaning of "assuring the listening to stay calm."  I love that - assuring the listening to stay calm.  It reminds me a bit of minimize.

And....believe it or not, this phrase keeps coming back to me as my word (phrase) for 2017:

Leave it all on the dance floor.

I'll give my intuition a few more days to figure this out and then, I'll be ready to embrace what word or phrase appears to serve me for 2017.

Have you figured out your word for 2017?  Share it below or on your favorite social media outlet.