Identifying Your Core Values

If I could offer one coaching session to all the humans in the world, I would offer this: Identifying your core values.  Why?  Because knowing what is most important and meaningful to you in life has great power in (and over) your life.

Core Values

Your core values - when identified -  can serve as your internal GPS.  Your core values are what make you tick and what ticks you off.  Since it would be impossible to offer a one-on-one coaching session to every human in the world (that would be almost seven billion coaching sessions I would have to offer - oh, my!), I've compiled a few resources to guide you in identifying your own core values.  I still think identifying your core values with a (life) coach is the best way to do this and there is worth in the suggestions below.

By the way, you can see my four core values in the photo above.  I now consult those four values I've identified when making life decisions and saying YES to some decisions and NO to others.  Plus, when I am feeling icky, I can generally determine which core value of mine is being squashed and respond more effectively (versus overly dramatically).

Here are four resources to guide you in identifying your core values.....

1.  This Huffington Post article explains six easy steps to identify your core values.  Plus,  I love the introduction to this article and all the juicy core value information.

2.  Zappos Insights (yes, the shoe company) has a blog post on the topic of identifying your core values.  It is a little sparse with the "how to"s, but it might be helpful to some.

3.  The authors from Tribal Leadership (probably my favorite leadership philosophy + book) suggest this strategy to identify your core values.

4.  Hire a (life) coach (cost is between $70-$250/session and you are totally worth it!).  I adore many coaches like Sue, Anne, and Steve.  Plus, I probably have 20 more to suggest :)

What other strategies have you used to identify core values?  Have you identified yours?

With joy, connection, creativity and initiative (my core values),


  1. You have got to recognize what, ordinarily, values are.Your values are the matters that you simply consider are predominant in the way in which you are living and work.They (should) check your priorities, and, deep down, they're mainly the measures you employ to inform in case your life is popping out the best way you want it to.When the matters that you do and the way you behave healthy your values, life is mostly excellent – you are satisfied and content. But see here when these do not align along with your individual values, that is when things think... Flawed. It is a real supply of disappointment.That is why making a conscious effort to determine your values is so essential.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes I feel so useless, I think identifying my core value can motivate myself a little bit :)
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