Graduates, This is For You!

Dear Graduates -

Jackie and I feel the same way......

Jen Lara and Jackie Gambone
To celebrate all of the graduates in teacher education across the world, we are giving away 100 ebooks for free!  Yep.  You heard us correctly.  Giving em' away!

If you are a graduate in teacher education or you know a graduate who will be working with students (of any age - we don't age-discriminate here), go to and download your free Hello, Teaching Strategies ebook using the code: yourockgraduate2016.  Our ebook is full of 50+, ready-to-go teaching strategies ideal for grades K-16 students.  Half of the strategies are classics we've adapted; the other half are all new!

Directions how to enter code

To claim your ebook, very simply, add our ebook to your shopping cart and when it is time to check-out, type in the discount code:  yourockgraduate2016.  Your ebook will be totally free!  The code expires June 30th, 2016, so don't delay, ok? Plus, we are giving away just 100 copies, so go now, so you can claim yours and be part of the 100 ebook graduation giveaway celebration!

Once you claim your free ebook, you'll be prompted for your name and email address.  The ebook download is automatically sent to you via the email address you entered.

Graduates, we are so excited you are embarking on the next leg of your teaching journey.  We know you have so much promise and will have a fantastically positive impact on your future students.

We adore you,
Jen and Jackie


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