Tribal Magic

leadership quote Putnam

I just finished a great book, Tribal Leadership, which is fantastic for educators, business owners, leaders, and allies.  I'll be sharing more from that book soon.  But, in the meantime, this Putnam quote from another source says it all.

"....the most complex problems can only be solved by a group that has developed a strong social bonding." (Putnam 2000).

It's all about tribes, my friends.  You, me and others entangled together to make the magic happen. The next time you think, I'll go at XYZ alone, stop yourself and tribe.  Oh, and here's a tribal tip: Groups of three (triads) are an optimal amount of people to begin the magic.

xo - I'll tribe with you anytime,


PS - Coming soon!  Hello, Strategies is having a Teacher Appreciation Sale!


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