Teacher Appreciation Sale!

Hello Strategies Teacher Appreciation Sale

Get ready to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week - May 2nd-6th!

Order now to receive your teacher gifts in time and use code:  2016YES for 25% off everything on Hello, Strategies!  Yep, it is our biggest sale to date!

What might you purchase to say Teacher, I adore you?....How about....

  • Our Hello, Teaching Strategies ebook - filled with over 50+ ready-to-use teaching strategies appropriate for K-16.  This item comes as an ebook that you can easily email the link to your favorite teacher or print the ebook (at Fedex Kinkos or Staples) and secure it in a three-ring binder.
  • Question Cards - This deck of cards is a must-have for any classroom teacher (or home schooler).  Each card has a critical thinking question on it and can be used to debrief learning in the classroom for any topic.  Yes, any topic!  This item pair handsomely with the ebook above and would make a great gift together that doesn't break the bank.
  • For educators who like to grow students' leadership skills, our brand new Hello, Leadership Cards are fantastic and make great discussion, writing, and reflective prompts.  You can read more about those fabulous new cards here.
  • Why not let your favorite educators or even your entire teaching staff know how awesome they are with our YOU ARE AWESOME wooden nickels?!  Seriously, these are just too fun and such a lovely token of appreciation to give to teachers, support staff, office managers, and school leaders.  You can purchase a bundle of 25 nickels here.
Remember to use the code:  2016YES - that will save you a little bit of money for your next Starbucks run.  The sale ends April 25th.

Let's show our fabulous teachers how much we appreciate them!

Go to Hello, Strategies now, fabulous blog reader!