Leadership Cards, Yes!

Drum roll, please....the newest offering from Hello, Strategies....

Leadership cards!

Leadership Cards Hello Strategies
Because if there is one thing this world needs, it is more awesome, thoughtful leaders.  Sadly, most K-12 schools do not explicitly teach leadership skills.  How are kids and teens supposed to learn those skills then?  By observing our current leaders?!  Yikes.

Side note:  The majority of independent schools in Maryland and DC do teach leadership skills to their students.  Can I hear an amen?  If you want to learn more about that network of thoughtful schools, go here.  I wish public schools made it a priority to teach their students leadership skills, too (and yes, I realize some thoughtful public schools do, but the majority do not, sadly).

Back to the Leadership Cards....

Like our other useful decks of cards, the Leadership Cards consist of 40 leadership-focused, critical thinking questions.  Designed for ages 11 and above, the deck aims to deepen students' understanding and skills related to the ten leadership attributes identified below.

Who doesn't want a leader who is...?

  • Resilient
  • Visionary
  • Mindful
  • Courageous
  • Resourceful
  • Collaborative
  • Advocative (which, by the way, is a new word for me!)
  • Curious
  • Authentic
  • Inclusive
Right?  Can you argue with that list of leadership attributes?  We all want leaders who embrace those attributes.

So, can a deck of cards change the world totally?  No.  But, can this deck take a stab at growing all kids, teens and young adults' understanding of leadership and what attributes need tending?  Yes. Yes, this deck can.

Leadership Cards Hello Strategies Prompt Examples

In the spirit of leadership and collaboration specifically, these Leadership Cards were created in collaboration with Sue from the Curiosity Project and Jay from Mountain Element.  Sue, an educator, certified coach, and thought-leader completed CTI's Co-Active Leadership Program in 2015 and will be assisting in that program starting in May;  Jay, a traditional and adventure educator and small business owner, is an alum of the GCLI Leadership Lab.  Jackie and I got to spend time virtually with two leadership rockstars - Sue and Jay.  We are eternally grateful.  Thank you, Sue and Jay!

And, pre-thank you to you, amazing blog reader, for purchasing your deck of Leadership Cards and helping to grow our kids, teens and young adults' leadership skills.

Now, that is a noble cause!

My best,