One year older

I'm not much of a birthday celebration type of gal.

But, why not have a sale on Hello, Strategies today to #1: celebrate my birthday this week, and #2: make me work harder because it is my turn to ship products this month and next!?

Use the code:  Jengetswiser for 20% off everything on Hello, Strategies for this weekend only!  Offer expires on May 1st (at midnight).

Here's to growing older and wiser!

I can't believe I am 32!


Join me?

Hello to all....

Local friends, I will be at the Roll Up n Dye Fundraiser on May 1st from 1-3pm to support Erin's newest endeavor, Colorful Abandon (read more about this way below).

Won't you join me?

There will be fun tie dyes to purchase, face painting, music, crafts and me!  I'll be selling some Hello, Strategies goodies.  Yay!

If you are wondering what Colorful Abandon is, it is Erin's new workshop series for kids and teens to expand their growth mindsets and compassion while combining those important attributes with learning to tie dye.  How cool is that?

Come see me, meet Erin, and enjoy a May day together!  I'll be there from 1-3pm!


Sale ends Monday 4/25 - 25% sitewide

Last call, my loves.

Teacher Appreciation Sale ends tomorrow.  25% of everything sitewide at Hello, Strategies with code 2016YES.

Teacher Appreciation Sale Hello Strategies

Time to say YES to our fabulous educators!

What will you order for them?  So many lovely choices!

Shop now,
Jen - who is lead shipper this month and next - Yay!

Only a few days left!

Just a sweet, little reminder.....everything on Hello, Strategies is 25% off until April 25th.  Use the code 2016YES to order your teacher appreciation gifts before Teacher Appreciation Week begins (May 2nd).

It's time to show our teachers and educator allies how much we appreciate and adore them.


Teacher Appreciation Sale!

Hello Strategies Teacher Appreciation Sale

Get ready to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week - May 2nd-6th!

Order now to receive your teacher gifts in time and use code:  2016YES for 25% off everything on Hello, Strategies!  Yep, it is our biggest sale to date!

What might you purchase to say Teacher, I adore you?....How about....

  • Our Hello, Teaching Strategies ebook - filled with over 50+ ready-to-use teaching strategies appropriate for K-16.  This item comes as an ebook that you can easily email the link to your favorite teacher or print the ebook (at Fedex Kinkos or Staples) and secure it in a three-ring binder.
  • Question Cards - This deck of cards is a must-have for any classroom teacher (or home schooler).  Each card has a critical thinking question on it and can be used to debrief learning in the classroom for any topic.  Yes, any topic!  This item pair handsomely with the ebook above and would make a great gift together that doesn't break the bank.
  • For educators who like to grow students' leadership skills, our brand new Hello, Leadership Cards are fantastic and make great discussion, writing, and reflective prompts.  You can read more about those fabulous new cards here.
  • Why not let your favorite educators or even your entire teaching staff know how awesome they are with our YOU ARE AWESOME wooden nickels?!  Seriously, these are just too fun and such a lovely token of appreciation to give to teachers, support staff, office managers, and school leaders.  You can purchase a bundle of 25 nickels here.
Remember to use the code:  2016YES - that will save you a little bit of money for your next Starbucks run.  The sale ends April 25th.

Let's show our fabulous teachers how much we appreciate them!

Go to Hello, Strategies now, fabulous blog reader!


Tribal Magic

leadership quote Putnam

I just finished a great book, Tribal Leadership, which is fantastic for educators, business owners, leaders, and allies.  I'll be sharing more from that book soon.  But, in the meantime, this Putnam quote from another source says it all.

"....the most complex problems can only be solved by a group that has developed a strong social bonding." (Putnam 2000).

It's all about tribes, my friends.  You, me and others entangled together to make the magic happen. The next time you think, I'll go at XYZ alone, stop yourself and tribe.  Oh, and here's a tribal tip: Groups of three (triads) are an optimal amount of people to begin the magic.

xo - I'll tribe with you anytime,


PS - Coming soon!  Hello, Strategies is having a Teacher Appreciation Sale!

Leadership Cards, Yes!

Drum roll, please....the newest offering from Hello, Strategies....

Leadership cards!

Leadership Cards Hello Strategies
Because if there is one thing this world needs, it is more awesome, thoughtful leaders.  Sadly, most K-12 schools do not explicitly teach leadership skills.  How are kids and teens supposed to learn those skills then?  By observing our current leaders?!  Yikes.

Side note:  The majority of independent schools in Maryland and DC do teach leadership skills to their students.  Can I hear an amen?  If you want to learn more about that network of thoughtful schools, go here.  I wish public schools made it a priority to teach their students leadership skills, too (and yes, I realize some thoughtful public schools do, but the majority do not, sadly).

Back to the Leadership Cards....

Like our other useful decks of cards, the Leadership Cards consist of 40 leadership-focused, critical thinking questions.  Designed for ages 11 and above, the deck aims to deepen students' understanding and skills related to the ten leadership attributes identified below.

Who doesn't want a leader who is...?

  • Resilient
  • Visionary
  • Mindful
  • Courageous
  • Resourceful
  • Collaborative
  • Advocative (which, by the way, is a new word for me!)
  • Curious
  • Authentic
  • Inclusive
Right?  Can you argue with that list of leadership attributes?  We all want leaders who embrace those attributes.

So, can a deck of cards change the world totally?  No.  But, can this deck take a stab at growing all kids, teens and young adults' understanding of leadership and what attributes need tending?  Yes. Yes, this deck can.

Leadership Cards Hello Strategies Prompt Examples

In the spirit of leadership and collaboration specifically, these Leadership Cards were created in collaboration with Sue from the Curiosity Project and Jay from Mountain Element.  Sue, an educator, certified coach, and thought-leader completed CTI's Co-Active Leadership Program in 2015 and will be assisting in that program starting in May;  Jay, a traditional and adventure educator and small business owner, is an alum of the GCLI Leadership Lab.  Jackie and I got to spend time virtually with two leadership rockstars - Sue and Jay.  We are eternally grateful.  Thank you, Sue and Jay!

And, pre-thank you to you, amazing blog reader, for purchasing your deck of Leadership Cards and helping to grow our kids, teens and young adults' leadership skills.

Now, that is a noble cause!

My best,


New Favorite TED Talk + Cheers to Procrastination!

Hearing that procrastination is a sign of original thinking makes me say Heck YES!

If you haven't watched Adam Grant's The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers TED Talk I highly suggest it.  I love the line to "Doubt the default."  I'm going to use that line in an upcoming keynote address on leadership I'm giving this week.

Speaking of leadership, wait until you see the new Hello, Strategies product that is coming in two days! Leadership-palooza!


PS - For more favorite TED Talks check out here and here.  Do you have a favorite TT?